About us


A new slogan ‘Imagine the Image’ connotes the meaning of ‘Dreams Come True’ through the new challenges that MEDIKORS is passionately undertaking in the field of diagnostic imaging equipment.

MEDIKORS’s technology contribution to the world

As the first 108μm DXA bone mineral density and body composition analyzer for research in the world, ‘InAlyzer’ is recognized for its technology not only in the country but also renowned national and public research institutes and university hospitals worldwide. A 64-channel bone mineral density measurement device ‘InAlyzer AIR,’ which provides the only DR imaging in the country, is an innovative bone mineral density measurement device with excellent resolution and fast scanning speed and pioneering new markets.

MEDIKORS Inc. is a company with advanced technology that realizes its dream to make a positive contribution to human life, and is committed to transition into becoming a total healthcare manufacturer.

The company, with its creative, sincere, and talented people, develops technology for improving life and provides impressive products and services to improve the lives of many people.