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Using DXA (Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry) method, it analyzes various measurements, such as bone mineral density (BMD, BMC) and body composition (FAT, LEAN) in experimental animals with less than 1% measurement error within only a minute.

It is possible to perform follow-up tests with a small number of experimental animals so that efficient studies are possible with minimal labor and expense within a short period of time.


It obtains 64 data per X-ray irradiation using a 64-channel dual energy X-ray detector based on fan-beam technology. The super-resolution images and the only Raw imaging in the country make the diagnosis easier and more accurate, within 30 seconds of quick scanning.

It is a medical infrared imaging device that detects infrared radiation naturally emitted from the human body and provides color images of minute body heat changes to help the diagnosis. It is safe for pregnant women and children by using non-invasive methods, and can effectively visualize the progress before and after treatment for patients.